SQL Query : All Deployment Types

Although I can’t recall exactly why I have this query in my arsenal it returns every deployment type for all of your applications along with install priority and whether it uses script, MSI, or AppV technology.

SELECT app.DisplayName AS ApplicationName,
    dt.DisplayName AS DeploymentTypeName,
    dt.PriorityInLatestApp, dt.Technology
FROM dbo.fn_ListDeploymentTypeCIs(1033) AS dt INNER JOIN
    dbo.fn_ListLatestApplicationCIs(1033) AS app ON dt.AppModelName = app.ModelName
WHERE (dt.IsLatest = 1)
order by ApplicationName


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One Thought to “SQL Query : All Deployment Types”

  1. Hi to all,

    be aware, when you run the query it returns also expired and app’s old versions. So you should extend the condition with:

    and (app.IsLatest = 1) and (app.IsEnabled = 1) and (dt.IsExpired = 0)

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