Monitoring A Test Task Sequence

A great way to monitor a new task sequence is by using a custom Status Message query which grabs all the exit codes from every step of the TS and reports them out to the console.

All you need is the following query and the Deployment ID for your task sequence.

from SMS_StatusMessage  
left join SMS_StatMsgInsStrings  
on SMS_StatMsgInsStrings.RecordID = SMS_StatusMessage.RecordID  
left join SMS_StatMsgAttributes  
on SMS_StatMsgAttributes.RecordID = SMS_StatusMessage.RecordID  
where SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeID = 401 and SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeValue = "ABC20001" and SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime >= ##PRM:SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime##
order by SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime DESC

Create a new Status Message Query from the Monitoring tab as follows.

Give the query a new name, eg, ‘Monitor Test Task Sequence’ then click ‘Edit Query Statement…’.

You then need to select ‘Show Query Language’ as follows.

Copy and paste this query into the Query Language window and change the Deployment ID ‘ABC20001’ to the ID you noted earlier.

Then click OK, Next, Next then Close.

To display the status messages all you need to do is right click the query and select ‘Show Messages’.

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