Disable Access to a Windows App – the Easy Way!

Today I’m going to share an easy way to disable or remove a Windows app, such as the Mixed Reality Portal app in Windows 10.  After following these steps, nothing will happen if someone tries to launch the app from Start Menu. All we are doing is restricting the app from executing.

Windows 10 apps like these can’t be uninstalled using PowerShell as they are protected by Windows 10.  This method is easy – we just rename the folder where the app lives.

1. First of all open the following folder:


By the way, you can open the folder directly using SystemApps command in RUN dialog box.

2. Now look for following folder:


3. Right-click on the folder and select the Rename option. Alternatively, you can select the folder and press F2 key to rename it.

While renaming the folder don’t remove its name completely, simply add new characters such as BAK or ! or any desired character in the beginning of the name.

That’s it – the app will do nothing when the user clicks the icon.

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