Config Manager Hardware Inventory Troubleshooting

I want to share with you a really great guide to troubleshoot hardware inventory if you’re having problems with a particular machine. It’s from the guys at ‘the Sysadmin Channel’.

The checklist at the end of this article includes bullet points for you to follow :-

  • Download CMTrace to view the logs.
  • Check if the BITS service is running and on automatic startup.
  • On client PC, open InventoryAgent.log to see if reports were sent to MP.
  • On client PC, open CcmMessaging.log to see if payload was successful.
  • On MP Server, open MP_Hinv.log to see if MP send the .MIF to the Site Server.
  • On Site Server, open dataldr.log to see if the transaction completed successfully.
  • On SCCM Console, open SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER for more details on client PC.
  • Trigger a manual hardware inventory cycle and go through inventory flow.
  • Wait for SCCM go to through backlogs.

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